“TOMOKO’s music is outstanding, so effortless and hot! I'm in love with her single 'Love Me', and of course every time I see her, it's like meeting a beautiful angel in the sky. I want to keep tuning in..."

Lenny Green - 'Love Man' of Quiet Storm on 107.5 WBLS, NY

"Japanese R&B Powerhouse!!!"

Queens Tribune - Online Newspaper for Queens, NYC

"TOMOKO is no doubt a great new talent and a Rising Star!"

Asian Fusion Magazine - Asian Lifestyle Magazine, NYC

"TOMOKO is an international star and her music proves to be. Her versatility and many layers come from performing everything from soul to jazz and even opera. Her music is soulful, sexy, and sweet; a surefire hit, packed with major hit potential”

Windy’s World  - Music Critic and Blogger

"The soulful vocals of TOMOKO give every track a life of its own and really add a sensual but classic vibe that is rare these days."

Mark Hills - Creator of 'Live Tunes' - No.1 Music App in Japan

"TOMOKO's voice and smooth delivery of soul is like wonderful cocoa butter poured on top of a sophisticated New York urban groove. Savvy, sultry and definitely soulful in all right places" 

DK Harris – Publicist, CEO of DK Harris Public Relations

“TOMOKO, one of the newest stars to hit the world, a talented beauty! I've had a pleasure of working with her in Las Vegas, PEOPLE GET READY!"

Billy Nunn - World Renowned Keyboardist, Producer, Original member of Stone City Band, CEO of Buttons Productions

"TOMOKO is the TRUTH for sure! One of the greatest I've ever worked with! Seriously TURNED UP!!!”

Darin Willington - Producer, Composer, Pianist, Musical Director of Harlem Gospel Choir

“TOMOKO is a rare talented singer songwriter with a beautifully expressed vocal tone that brings her very poignant lyrics to life."

Robert M. Crawford - Producer, Composer, Songwriter, Author of 'Symmetric Cycles', CEO of RMCO Music

“TOMOKO is unique yet universal. Her sound is nourishing and contagious, she ain't no Geisha Girl!!!”

Rich Lamar - Artist, Musician, Author of 'Beyond Thought; the Peace of Freedom Living without Hurt & Depression'

“TOMOKO has one of those rare voices that transcends all space and time and takes you to a place of true love and passion!”

Michael Hepner – Producer, Composer, Keyboardist, Founder of Hepner Music

“Her magic as an outstanding artist/songwriter is undeniable when working with her. She is a new bright star in today's music scene.”

Larry White - Producer, Composer, the former bassist/guitarist of Bobby Brown and The Whispers

"With irresistible vocals and hypnotic lyrics and rhythm, TOMOKO's music immerses you in a mesmerizing and soulful experience."

Kevin Pescoran - Independent Electronic Music Producer, Founder of NOZOMI Records

“Soulful, magical and smoking! Damn, I am hooked!”

Roy Hinton - Musician, Fundraising Consultant, CEO of Roy Hinton Entertainment

“TOMOKO's voice is hypnotic, I found myself listening to her music over and over!”

Jesus Silver - Artist, Musician

“TOMOKO is one of the best singer songwriter on earth!”

DJ Black Zoe - Producer, Remix Engineer

“TOMOKO is a gorgeous bona fide jazz/R&B/pop vocalist with serious technical chops. She's got a knack for acting and storytelling. She is utterly comfortable with singing with great purity of tone and depth of feelings, and arranging the songs in ways that open up musically. I'm always so happy when the world catches on to something great when it's authentic talent. And Ms. TOMOKO is going places.”

Ronald Cesario Colez – Actor, Singer, Writer; Formally National Disco and R&B Promotions Executive of Colony Records and Atlantic Records NYC